Fire Rated

At Al Muayed, we manufacture a wide variety of Uncoated Fire rated ducts starting from 0.8mm to 1.2mm thickness. Some examples common areas of application are kitchen extract, smoke extract. stair case pressurization, and basement parking. Our fire rated ducts system complies with the UAE Civil Defense Codes & Standards: BS 476 - Part 124-1987, EW 1566-1, EN 1363-1.


At Al Muayed, we manufacture a wide range of Rectangular and Spiral ducts to meet the most stringent HVAC/Industrial specification and quality standard. Rectangular and Spiral ducts are fabricated out of Hot dipped galvanized steel sheet/coil of lock forming duct material. All the ducts are manufactured in accordance to SMACNA, DW 144 and ASHRAE standards. GI ducts are available in various raw material makes like Nippon Steel Japan, AGIS U.A.E., Jindal Steel Indi, Hadeed Steel KSA, and others as per project requirement. GI Coils/sheet always confirm to ASTM A653 standard or equivalent having a minimum zinc coating of G90, Z275.

Mild Steel

We manufacture a wide range of Mild Steel duct ranging from 1.50mm to 5.0mm thickness in welded construction. The Mild Steel ducts are commonly used for Kitchen Ventilation & Extract system. These are manufactured as welded construction complete with MS angle flanges and we are delivered with a single/double coat of red-oxide printer primer paint on the surface area of the duct. If required for Fire Rated System, black steel ducting can be provided with fire rated coating on the surface area to provide stability and integrity as per fire rating requirement.

Phenolic UL181 & Pre-Insulated

At Al Muayed, we manufacture Pre-Insulated rectangular ducts and fitting as per clients requirement. These ducts are manufactured by trained personnel on the state-of-art CMC machines from USA in order to meet the highest standard of quality and workmanship. We have a manufacturing capacity of 1500 sqmtr of ducts/day. The PI ducts are used in building and refurbishment project in residential, commercial, public, light industrial and leisure sectors.‚Äč

Stainless Steel

Al Muayed manufactures Stainless Steel ducting using SS sheets starting from 0.50mm to 3.0mm thickness. Stainless Steel ducts are useful for business and large manufacturing companies which call for its specialized use in voluminous and industrialized applications. Some examples common areas of application are Laboratory room, battery room, and clean room. Stainless Steel ducts are also suitable for Kitchen Extract or Toilet Extract systems.


At Al Muayed, we manufacture a wide variety of Aluminum ducts starting from 0.5mm to 4.0mm thickness from plain/stucco as per specified aluminum sheets. We manufacture Aluminum ducts in Lock Forming Pittsburgh construction suitable for low pressure application and also in welded construction for high pressure application. We also manufacture and install Aluminum cladding for all types ducting. Aluminum ducts are commonly used for Air duct applications in area such as swimming pools, clean rooms o sensitive/industrial firms, and operation theatres.